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Future Directions provides our best Internet and PC tips and science and technology news updates as a service to our Internet Community!  Our primary business is to provide excellent, inexpensive PC service to a 250 sq. mile radius of Omaha Nebraska, USA.

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Give food to hungry children. It's FREE!

Keep our Air good - Save our Forests. It's FREE!

Help our scientists search for Others! It's FREE!

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   Future Directions has 18 Years Experience in PC Service!   Future Directions has 18 Years Experience in PC Service!   Future Directions has 18 Years Experience in PC Service!
We are pleased to announce that we are now putting some of our best Internet and PC tips on our site for free!
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Here at Future Directions we are active in International projects to help mankind, to save our Earth, and to advance science and technology!

Join us at Future Directions in supporting the following projects:

Help our scientists find the real ET! It's FREE!
Our computers have now processed more data than 99.44% of the over 3.47 million participants in this FREE program!  That's over 3.09 Quintillion (3,090,000,000,000,000,000) calculations by our computers!
Feed starving children!
The Hunger Site
FREE! Give food to hungry children daily!
Save our trees!
The Rain Forest Site
FREE! Save some of our Rain Forests each day!
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